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Who is this guy, anyway?
He's a Emmy Award winning television producer and director of the
five part PBS series 'Uniquely Kansas City', which was the first
nationally broadcast PBS series locally produced in High Definition
video., he's not a real pilot,
nor does he play one on TV...
Dan Diefenderfer
He also produced and directed the
theatrically released motion picture
'Timesweep', a sci-fi horror romp that
was covered in the New York Times
because of the ground-breaking
technology used in it's making.
...and finally, he has worked over 23 years on
700 projects as an on-set technician in the
areas of cinematography, lighting, sound, camera
support, art direction and special effects.
But during his lighting work on a country music
video, he was called on to play the part of a
referee...don't blink, or you'll miss his
knock-down count...
Link to the music video
"My Future Ex-Wife"