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Experienced in various entrepreneur/business disciplines, including implementation and
management of national award-winning projects.

Effective leader with proven ability to develop and coordinate projects, assemble teams of
qualified personnel, set standards and realistic timetables, and deliver product on time
and according to specifications.

Highly qualified EMMY Award-winning professional with 30 years experience covering all
facets of the film, video and television industry.

___________________WORK EXPERIENCE___________________

Technical/Warehouse Manager, Production Consultant, Camera & Lighting
Trainer and Technician
* Consulted and recommended production methods and equipment for feature
 films, broadcast television, commercials, industrials & other film/video projects.
* Conducted client training classes on the use of motion picture digital cameras.
* Experienced in Shoptick, Intellievent and Filemaker inventory/rental software.
* Front end retail and rental sales/ support of specialized equipment.
* Created all paperwork involved in orders, including contracts, insurance
 compliance, invoicing, equipment reconciliation, and CM entries.
* Manager in charge of warehouse, including inventory and stocking of rental
 and repair inventory, shipping of equipment.
* Created inventory system for all rental vehicles and their contents.
* Implemented initial computerized inventory control system for on-site retail sales.
* Reorganized business records to increase efficiency.
* Reconfigured the business physical layout to facilitate inventory simplification.
* Organized and inventoried all spare and repair parts.
* Troubleshoot business, local and national client film video & lighting equipment.
* Repair of specialized lighting equipment, including Kino-Flo, Arri and LTM HMI
 heads and ballasts. Specializing in D/A and A/D conversion circuit electronics.
* Repair and troubleshoot professional video and camera equipment by RED,
 Sony, Panasonic and Canon.
* Designed and built specialized interior of company 5 ton OTR truck for
 remote location film production.
* Educated clients on the industry standard compliant use of all electrical and
 lighting equipment.


Owner (1985-present)
Produced the theatrical feature film “Timesweep.” Responsibilities included:
* Created business plan, secured financing.
* Planned and supervised production, hired creative personnel.
* Directed and co-wrote the film.
* Supervised editing and post-production and worked with lab on finished prints
* Responsible for establishing credibility as a reputable independent producer in
the international film community.
* Worked with Kodak on a new film process for motion picture film exhibition. Story
of "Timesweep" and this process featured on front of
Sunday New York Times.
* Created and implemented a successful marketing campaign through multimedia
exposure in both domestic and foreign venues, including theatrical film trailers,
television advertising, radio spots, press kits and video previews.

Film theatrically exhibited in Germany, Austria, Japan and the USA. Featured in over 17
national print, radio and television stories. Currently on video in select foreign markets.