University of Miami- Major: Electrical Engineering; full minor in Math
IBEW Local #3 New York City  1972-  Journeyman Electrician-Class BA-DBM

______________RECOGNITION AND AWARDS___________________

- KCPT Public Television

   2001 EMMY Award
   Best Direction- Documentary series (NATAS)
   2001 PBS “Series of the Year”
   National Educational Telecommunications Association (PBS affiliates)
   Historic Preservation Award
   Historic Kansas City Foundation
   3 “Aurora” Awards
   Including 2 Platinum ‘Best of Show’
   3 “Telly” Awards
   For excellence in broadcast television
   2nd Place- Documentary
   Kan Film Fest

Print coverage
   Kansas City Star – Sunday Star - Cover story.
   Kansas City Star – Article on HD production of “Uniquely Kansas City.”
   KCPT Magazine – Three feature articles on “Uniquely Kansas City.”

TIMESWEEP- The Shriek Company

   Print coverage
   Sunday New York Times - Front page feature story and interview in the
Sunday Technology Section on new film methods used making“Timesweep.”
   Kansas City Star - Sunday Star Magazine -Cover story on making of
   Hollywood Reporter - Story and picture in “Kansas Special”.
   Variety - Feature film production.
   Kansas City Magazine - Feature article on the making of “Timesweep.”
   Ingram’s Magazine – “Show Business is No Business”.
   Independent Film Review - Feature article on the making of “Timesweep.”
   Des Moines Register - Feature about theatrical release of “Timesweep.”
   Des Moines Business Journal – Cover story on “Timesweep” & Midwest.
   Limelight – Feature article on the making of “Timesweep.”
   The Skywalker - Des Moines, IA. –Feature article on making “Timesweep.”

Television and Radio coverage:
   KCPT-TV 19, Kansas City, MO. – “Kansas City Illustrated” feature story,
                                                   “Airtime for Other Visions” feature story.
   KCTV 5, Kansas City, MO. – Feature news story.
   KCCI-TV 8, Des Moines, IA. – “Midday” feature subject.
   WHO-TV 13, Des Moines, IA. – Feature news story.                                
   WHO Radio, Des Moines, IA. – “Filmmaking in Iowa” interview.
   KFMQ-Q 102 Radio, Des Moines, IA. – “Morning Show” interview.

   Other recognitions:

   WHO'S WHO in AMERICA - 2005 Diamond Anniversary Edition -
   For innovation in film and video production.
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