RAINBOW SOUND Co-owner (1988-2002)
Multiple EMMY award-winning sound and music production studio creating
* Designed and built first prototype electronic interlock system for film chain/video using
  selsyn motor design and Lynx open source transport time code modules. Sold to
  ScottSound in Los Angeles and currently in use in South America.

Human Resources contractor.
* Hired and trained local personnel for seasonal or part-time employment.
* Implemented payroll & tax notification in accordance with IRS standards.
* Supervised and implemented advertising campaigns for businesses.

CANDER ENTERTAINMENT Corporate Treasurer (1989-1999).
Iowa-based feature film company.

DIEFCO, INC Owner (1982-1988)
Real Estate development.
Primary developer of Eichenwald, a residential subdivision in Blue Springs, MO.
* Securing financing for project.
* Responsible for initial platting of streets and lots.
* Worked with the city on utility and street compliance.
* Coordination of sub-contractors for initial development.

____________________PROJECT MANAGEMENT____________________

- KCPT Public Television
Created, Produced and Directed the 5 hour EMMY award-winning series for national
broadcast on PBS.
First locally produced series in the country shot in High Definition video, which
documented and celebrated the development of the arts in the Kansas City region.
Broadcast on local and national PBS stations from 1999 to 2001.
* Worked with Executive Producer at PBS to develop concept for series.
* Wrote proposal for fund-raising campaign.
* Establish relationship with specialized production company to use their camera and editing
* Scheduled and supervised shooting of episodes over a 3 year period.
* Consulted with other writers in establishing content and compiling research.
* Conducted on camera interviews and supervised shooting of additional footage.
* Transcribed interviews and formulated each episode's outlines
* Constructed episodes and worked with editors to fine-tune content.
* Delivered final product on time in the proper broadcast format.
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